The Scentimental Story

❤ Words from the Founder, Willynn

A scent, regardless of it's source - Food? or Aromatherapy, will pick up memories of an individual/ place that can be therapeutic (and sometimes promotes emotionally healing). I started Scentimental in Year 2016 as an eCommerce store banding both fashion and aromatherapy altogether. However as I embarked on my eco journey and also as a Lacto-Vegetarian for two decades and counting, I had faced many misconceptions about the "Meatless/ Plant-Based Diet" (It's boring and unhealthy! All flours? etc...) and its benefits. Parenthood amplified my battle with all these misconceptions and I always had difficulties in finding places (online/ offline) to shop for the meatless stuff. *Pfft* Thus, I re-branded Scentimental in May 2020 with an inclusion of a tagline, "素赞素觉" to share about the greatness of the plant-based diet and the adoption of the green lifestyle, all at your convenience.

Our New Beginnings, with A New Meaning.

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